Welcome to ZEMANDI

Thank you for your interest in writing for ZEMANDI. Here is how you get started.


Step 1 - Sign Up on our website to be able to use our automated writing assignment system

Go to zemandi.com and sign up. Use invitation code provided to you to sign up. You will receive a confirmation link in your email to verify your email address. Make sure you check your spam folder if you haven't received your confirmation email within a few minutes. We suggest you add [email protected] to your safe sender list as all writing assignments will be sent by email.

Once your account is verified go to ZEMANDI and login.



Step 2 - Get your first Assignment

Once you have logged in you will see on the right side the sites menu. Go to "Writers/Get New Assignment".

 zemandi new assignment

Within a few minutes you will receive a writing assignment in your email. Typically these writing assignments are Product Reviews or Articles.


Step 3 - Understanding your Assignment

Your Quest Assignment looks something like this:


Pays: This is what you will get paid if the client accepts your work. If you provide good quality articles your work will be accepted, if the quality of your writing is poor your submissions will be declined or sent back for correction.

Topic: This is what you write about. Sometimes it is very specific, as in the above example. But sometimes it can be wide open, asking you for example to write about your favorite recipe. Read the topic and the special instructions if any and write your article about the provided topic. It helps if you read the instructions completely prior to writing your article as it will minimize disappointments later.

Word Count: This is the minimum number of words your article must have. Keep in mind when counting your words that our system does not count numbers and numerals as words.


Avoid bullet lists or enumerated lists. In virtually all cases your submission will be declined if it contains bullet lists or enumerated lists. If our client expects a bullet list, you will find specific instructions in your Assignment.

Do not write promotional articles unless specifically asked to. In virtually all cases promotional writing will be rejected or sent back for correction.


Step 4 - Complete the Assignment

Write the Article or Product Review and submit it using the link provided near the bottom of your Assignment Mail.

Before you submit the Article please make sure you have spell checked your Article and Proofread it. In many cases Declines can be avoided by simply reading your submission once before submitting it. You will be able to correct common typos and issues.

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to correct mistakes after we have reviewed your submission, but sometimes our clients will simply decline your submission.

Important: Do not copy any part of your article from any source. We are checking every submission for plagiarism and if we find it we may suspend your account at our own discretion and you will forfeit any amounts you have earned. We may give you the opportunity to correct plagiarism, but we have no obligation to do so. Every article you submit to us must be original and never published before. Once you have submitted an article to us, you can not publish the article anywhere else or sell it to anybody else.

If you don't feel comfortable writing about the topic provided you can reject the Quest. You will find the link to reject the Quest at the  bottom of your Assignment. Unless otherwise stated in the assignment you may have to complete two so called "Mandatory Quests" if you reject a Quest. A Mandatory Quest is a Quest that typically takes 2-5 minutes to complete, but you will not get paid for it. You can not reject mandatory Quests. This is to prevent you from rejecting too many Quests.

Unless your Assignment states otherwise you have 72 hours to complete a Quest. After that time the Quest will expire and you will not be compensated for the Quest even if you submit the article after the deadline. In some cases we may accept late delivery, but in most we don't.

Often your Quest will have a deadline stated in the Assignment. Please carefully consider the time allotted and make sure you can deliver the article in the time provided. If you are unable to provide the article in the time allotted, please reject the Quest, so that another member of our community can complete the Quest.

Step 5 - Submit your Article

Once you have completed the Article and you have checked spelling and proofread your submission you are ready to submit it to our system.

At or near the bottom of your Assignment you will find a link to the submission form. It is mandatory that you use the form provided for your submissions.

Once you submit your article we will immediately credit your estimated earnings.

Step 6 - Monitoring your earnings and getting paid

When you are logged in to our site, you will also have access to your profile page. Within your profile you can monitor your earnings.




Direct Estimated Earnings: After you submit an article to us, we will credit your direct estimated earnings with the value for the Assignment as stated in the Writing Assignment. This is estimated as we don't know yet if our client will accept your submission or not. Once the client accepts your submission the Amount will be moved to...

Direct Pending Balance: Here you will see all accepted Submissions. This is what you have earned for submitted and accepted submissions. But we haven't been paid yet by the client. Once the client has paid us, we will move the balance to...

Available Balance: Ok, now this is what we owe you. Every Monday we will submit payment to you if your available balance is above $20. If your balance is below $20 your balance is carried forward until it reaches $20.

We only pay using PayPal. There are no other payment methods available.



Step 7 - Do it allover again


The best and easiest way to get going is to simply start. If you have any questions please just post them in our forum or send an email to [email protected] We will do everything possible to assist you becoming a successful ZEMANDI writer.