Welcome to ZEMANDI

Thank you for your interest in writing for ZEMANDI. Here is how you get started.


Step 1 - Sign Up on our website to be able to use our automated writing assignment system

Go to zemandi.com and sign up. Use invitation code provided to you to sign up. You will receive a confirmation link in your email to verify your email address. Make sure you check your spam folder if you haven't received your confirmation email within a few minutes. We suggest you add [email protected] to your safe sender list as all writing assignments will be sent by email.

Once your account is verified go to ZEMANDI and login.



What kind of writer do I have to be to work for Zemandi?

An ideal writer for Zemandi will be someone who speaks and writes English fluently. This means that the rules of grammar must be fully understood and practiced, as well as be able to write articles that are interesting to read and easy to comprehend. Our expectations are that a writer is consistently writing for us daily, producing 5-10 articles each day.


Do you have to be a professional writer?

No. Actually, our writers come from many backgrounds including students, stay at home moms and seniors. We do have professional writers and editors working for us as well. We are primarily concerned with your ability to give us high quality, grammatically correct articles that engage the appropriate audience.


Do I have to speak English as my first language?

Absolutely not, however you must be able to write it and speak it fluently. This is a requirement and we give no exceptions. If you submit grammatically incorrect articles or have spelling errors, you will not be paid for the work you submit and your account will be closed. We simply cannot submit your articles and therefore cannot continue to give you work.


Can I create my own schedule from home?

Yes. By becoming a freelance writer with Zemandi, you determine how many hours you would like to work and where you want to work. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access our system from wherever you’d like. The more time you commit to Zemandi, the more successful you will be.


Is help available if I need it?

We are available at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it during business hours Eastern/Standard time. We also have a forum that you can post questions in. Our editors are online throughout the day and can assist you. We also have guides that will offer a tutorial of our system.


How do I start the process to become a writer?

You will go to the sign up page and create an account. Soon after, you will receive an email to verify your email address by following a link provided. If you haven’t received the email, check your junk e-mail and make sure you add This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to your safe sender list. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can use our online system to request assignments. You will be able to request as many as you can successfully complete.


Do I have to complete all assignments I receive?

You will have a deadline to meet with all of the assignments. If you do not think that you can complete it in the requested time, then you have the option to reject the assignment. If you reject too many assignments, we may require you to complete 2 support assignments before you will be able to request new writing assignments. The support assignments are usually short, but we do this to discourage you from rejecting multiple assignments.


What happens if I don’t submit my assignment by the deadline?

If you cannot meet the deadline, you will either need to reject the assignment immediately or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to ask for a deadline extension. If the assignment expires and you haven’t notified us, we will send the submission to someone else and you may have to write 3 support assignments for us before being allowed to pull new writing assignments.


Will I be an actual employee of ZEMANDI?

No. You will be a freelancer for us. If you need tax documents, we will be able to provide them for you at year end.


What does ZEMANDI pay?

It is based upon clients and levels. Check here.


Do you give out bonuses?

Yes, we have a bonus structure based upon how much you write. Check here


How often will I get paid?

You will be paid every Monday for the work that has been accepted and paid by our clients in the previous week. You must have at least $20 in your account before we can issue payment. If the amount is below $20, it will be carried into the following week and paid on the following Monday as long as you’ve exceeded the $20 minimum.


How do I get paid?

We ONLY use PayPal to issue payment. If you live somewhere that is not supported by PayPal you will NOT be able to receive payment.


How many articles will I get to write?

You can write virtually as many articles as you want as we have plenty of work for you. Depending upon how much time you want to devote to us, as well as your quality of work, you can write as few or as many articles as you choose. We have some writers that produce 20 articles and 10 blog posts each day while others only write 3 or 4.


Do I have to write original articles or can I copy them from some other place?

The work you produce must be 100% original. All of your submissions will be checked to prevent plagiarism using several applications including copyscape.com. You must always use your own words to produce the articles and it’s imperative to never cut and paste from any source.


What kind of articles will I be writing?

You will be writing a variety of topics that are based upon what our current clientele is requesting. Flexibility is required to work for Zemandi because we have topics ranging from Marketing to How to Guides, Health to American History.


What if I don’t know about the topic that was assigned to me?

Our clients don’t expect you to be an expert in the topic. They do require an informative article about the topic that’s easy to read. Use your experience or your opinion to craft a well-written article on the topic. You can create a story around the topic. As an example, your topic may be about a minivan. You won’t write on the specs or try to market the minivan. Instead, you’ll write a story on how your family survived a trip to Disney in a minivan.


How long are the articles?

Many articles are between 300 and 500 words, though our customers can order any length they wish. Product reviews are usually 350 words and Blog Posts typically are 100 – 150 words.


What is the purpose of these articles?

Most of the articles that our writers create are used in website content and article marketing. Our clients want something that is informative and enjoyable to read. Most do not want promotional articles, so if this is the style you write in, it will most likely be declined. With product reviews, the client is looking for an opinion. You’ll talk about your experience with the product or service and if you aren’t familiar with it, be creative.


Will I have to do rewrites?

Sometimes. Often, you will be asked to write an article and then write two unique rewrites of the original article. There are other times where we will send you an article or paragraph and you’ll be required to rewrite it with a new spin.


Can I tell my friends about ZEMANDI, too?

Yes! We have plenty of work to go around and we’ll even give you a commission for bringing your friend to us. You’ll earn 6% of everything that your friend earns, which gives you some extra income. Once you’ve earned $20 with us, you’ll be sent an invitation code that you can share with your friends. When they use your code, you’ll earn the commission on everything that they earn.



By submitting your writings to us you agree to the following:

You agree that Zemandi has full sole ownership and copyright of all writings you submit here. You are not allowed to re-use the articles in any form.

You represent that, except with respect to material furnished to you by us, you are the sole author of the writings and all of your services are original with you and not copied in whole or in part from any other work.



What we pay our writers:

Payment per article:

  • For beginning writers (score 3) our pay ranges between $0.40/100 words to $0.60/100 words
  • For writers with a score of 4 the rates are between $0.60/100 words and $1.20/100 words
  • For writers with a score of 5 the rates are between $1.20/100 words and $3.50/100 words